The strategy and the actions of the Group

The Corporate Governance System of IBERDROLA is inspired by and based on the commitment to its mission, vision, and values [PDF]. This thus ensures that all Group companies contribute, in highly diverse economic and social contexts, in creating long-term term value while satisfying the interests of society.

"Our mission in carrying out our activities is to create value sustainably for society, citizens, customers, and shareholders, as the leading multinational group in the energy sector providing a quality service through the use of environmentally-friendly energy sources, which engages in innovation and considers its employees to be a strategic assets, fostering their development, training, and conciliation measures, favouring a good working environment and equality of opportunity, committed to social return through all of our business activities, generating employment and wealth in our environment, all within our strategy of social responsibility and compliance with tax regulations.”

“We want to be the leading multinational group in the energy sector at the forefront of a better future, sustainably creating value with a quality service for people: customers, citizens and shareholders (who we care for and involve in our corporate life) and for the communities in which we carry out our activities, generating employment and wealth (with whom we engage in a constructive dialogue),known for our firm commitments to ethical principles, good corporate governance and transparency, the safety of people and supply, operational quality and excellence, innovation, protection of the environment, and customer focus. Making it possible thanks to the work of our employees and the people working at our suppliers and collaborators, whom we care for by offering all of our training and reconciliation measures for their development and to strengthen equality of opportunities.”