Frequently asked questions

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When can you change supplier ?

What information must I provide to subscribe to an electricity and/or gas offer ?

How is the change of supplier done ?

Is there a risk of being cut off from your electricity and/or gas supply when you change supplier ?

Is the quality of electricity and/or natural gas the same ?

What happens if there is a power cut ?

What is the difference between a power distributor and a power supplier ?

Who do I contact in the event of an emergency on my electricity or gas installation ?

Which customers does the end of the regulated tariffs concern ?

Is the distribution cost different with Iberdrola ?

How can I use my energy voucher to pay my bill ?

How to pay your bill by bank transfer ?

What is the fixed tariff ?

What is a bill adjustment ?

Why do I receive an estimated bill ?

How can I get an actual bill ?

Why should I read my meter ?

I need to move house. What information do you need to take care of this ? And how long beforehand ?