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(1) The price of the electron (electricity) and molecule (gas) is not subject to fluctuations in the electricity and gas market during the contracted period. The IBERDROLA price (before taxes and regulated costs) remains set during the term of the contract.

(2) 100% green electricity: for each kWh of energy consumed by its customers, IBERDROLA purchases and has 1 kWh of certified renewable electricity fed into the electricity grid via Guarantees of Origin.

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Below are some frequently asked questions :

Yes, it is possible to sign a contract with Iberdrola at any time. It will take effect when your current contract elapses or earlier if you come under the regulated rate. The change of contract is free of charge and involves no risk of your supply being cut off. And we will help you with all the paperwork.
Billing is monthly. Depending on the segment and the technology of the meter, it is calculated on the load curve and the readings taken by the distributor.
The green electricity comes from French and European renewable production means.
Yes. Iberdrola provides you with your own free personal area. Here you can access your bills, your consumption and information relating to the energy market.
Depending on the characteristics of the meter, it can be fed within 10 days, on average.
Yes. Iberdrola has both gas and electricity offers at the best prices.
Iberdola offers 1, 2 and 3 year contracts.
There is no tacit renewal of Iberdrola?s offers to businesses. All renewals are negotiated so that you can benefit from any reductions in the market price.
The price of electricity and gas can change by the hour. This is due to the intersection between supply (production fed into the grid at time T) and demand (consumption at time T).
You are affected if your company :
- Still gets the TRV for electricity from EDF
- Has more than 10 employees
- And its turnover for the last financial year was more than 2 million Euros. In this case, you should choose a supplier now and sign up for a new electricity supply offer, at the latest by 31 December 2020. After that date, if you do not cancel your regulated electricity rate contract, your company will automatically be switched to a temporary offer for a maximum of 12 months, until you choose a supplier and contract a new electricity supply offer.
Regulated Rates for gas, regulated by the State and only marketed by Engie, disappeared on 1st December 2020 for all non-residential customers (professionals, companies and local government).
After 20th November 2019, it was no longer possible to sign a new contract for TRV Gas. If your current gas supply contract has the Regulated Rate, you must necessarily choose a supplier and sign a new supply contract before that date. If you wish, you can do so now. After 1st December 2020, if you do not cancel your contract with the regulated gas rate, your company will automatically be switched to a temporary offer for a maximum of 12 months, until you choose a supplier and contract a new gas supply offer.

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