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Becoming an IBERDROLA customer is very quick and easy. Discover here the steps to allow you to save money while consuming more responsibly!

Becoming a client: the steps to follow

Choose the offer adapted to your consumption, subscribe online or from one of our telephone advisers, validate your subscription and become a member committed to the energy transition.

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If you are on the regulated tariff (EDF for electricity and ENGIE for gas) : at any time, regardless of the date on your contract or your bills. This date corresponds solely to the anniversary of your contract and not to an expiry date.

If you have already left the regulated tariff and are on a market offer : the terms and conditions for leaving your contract appear on your current contract (see the Terms and Conditions of Sale).

Please note, however, that there are legal deadlines that cannot be ignored. These are the same, regardless of the supplier :

  • For electricity : You can change supplier the day after you sign your contract.
  • For gas: A change of gas supplier can be requested up to 4 days before the effective date of change.
As soon as you accept the tariff proposal, IBERDROLA takes care of all the necessary procedures with the network operators, free of charge and without the risk of disconnection. It's transparent for you! You don't have to do anything.

Before changing supplier, you simply need to check 2 points with your current supplier:

  • The cancellation deadlines (does not apply to private individuals)
  • Any cancellation fees included in your current contract (does not apply to private individuals)
The deadline for changing electricity supplier is generally quite short and your contract is activated after 14 days, which corresponds to the legal withdrawal period.
NO. Whatever your old and new supplier, the continuity of your electricity and/or gas supply is guaranteed by the network manager: Enedis for electricity, GRDF for gas. A change of energy supplier will therefore not require any power cuts.
The distributor, also known as the distribution system operator, is responsible for the local delivery of natural gas and electricity to the end customer. It is responsible for operating, maintaining and developing the energy distribution network and its activities are not subject to competition. It also carries out meter readings for customers, regardless of their energy supplier.

  • GRDF is the manager of the natural gas distribution network.
  • Enedis, formerly ERDF, is the electricity distribution network operator.

The gas and/or electricity supplier markets the energy to the end customer. Its activity consists of buying energy and reselling it to consumers, whether professionals or private individuals. The gas and/or electricity supplier is the entity with which customers have the most contact : from subscription to termination through changing the owner of your meters, energy contracts are drawn up with the supplier and not with the energy distributor.

Also discover

(2) Fixed price for 3 years: the IBERDROLA price EXCLUDING TAXES (subscription and energy price) is fixed for 3 years from the first day of supply (excluding changes in transmission set by CRE) and is independent of changes in the regulated tariff.
(3) 100% green electricity from France: For each kWh of energy consumed by its customers, IBERDROLA purchases and injects 1 kWh of certified renewable electricity into the electricity network via Guarantees of Origin. These guarantees of origin come from wind (50%) and solar (50%) production facilities, and are located in France (Since the 1st of July 2021). The carbon content of electricity from production facilities that have issued these guarantees of origin is 15.6gCO2eq / kWh for wind and 55gCO2eq / kWh for solar (calculated with Ademe factors). 
(4) For each tone of CO2 emitted by its customers' natural gas consumption, Iberdrola undertakes to purchase carbon credits to finance environmental protection projects.