world leader in wind power

With over 100 year's experience, the IBERDROLA group is the top renewable energy producer in Europe and the United States, one of the top five power utilities worldwide and the world leader in wind power.

This position was built on a long-term, solid, profitable, value-creating corporate project backed by a sustainable growth strategy. Our success is due to the efforts of a multinational team of 38,000 working together in 31 countries to provide over 100 million customers with the planet's cleanest energy.


million people supplied

all over the world.

Thanks to a sustainable growth strategy focused on renewable energies for more than 20 years, the group's 38,000 women and men unite every day to provide the cleanest energy for the planet. And that is why today we are among the least CO2 emitting companies and are an international reference for our contribution to the fight against climate change.

Over the past 20 years, IBERDROLA has gone through a great transformation, while remaining at the forefront of the energy transition to face the challenges of climate change and the need for clean electricity.

With an emissions rate close to zero and as a pioneer in the use of smart grids, IBERDROLA is committed to developing innovative products and services for its customers to meet their needs and fight against climate change.

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