100% green electricity provider from France(3)

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(2) Fixed price for 3 years: the IBERDROLA price EXCLUDING TAXES (subscription and energy price) is fixed for 3 years from the first day of supply (excluding changes in transmission set by CRE) and is independent of changes in the regulated tariff.
(3) 100% green electricity from France : for each kWh of energy consumed by its customers, IBERDROLA buys and has injected 1 kWh of certified renewable electricity into the electricity grid via Guarantees of Origin.
These guarantees of origin come from wind and solar production facilities, and are located in France (since July 1, 2021). The carbon content of electricity from the production facilities that issued these guarantees of origin is 15.6gCO2 eq/kWh for wind and 55gCO2 eq/kWh for solar (calculated with Ademe factors). As an indication, in 2020, these guarantees of origin came from hydraulic (52%) and wind (48%) production installations located in Spain. 
(4) For each tone of CO2 emitted by its customers' natural gas consumption, Iberdrola undertakes to purchase carbon credits to finance environmental protection projects.