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If you are already an IBERDROLA customer, your contract will be terminated AUTOMATICALLY when you request a change of address and a new contract in your customer area.
If you are already an IBERDROLA customer, your old contract will be automatically terminated when you request a change of address and finalise the new contract.
You need to cancel your energy contract even if someone else has moved into your old home. If you do not terminate your old contract, you will continue to receive the bills for this home.
If you are unable to read your meter when you terminate your contract, you have 7 calendar days to take a meter reading and send it to us. If you miss this deadline and we do not receive your meter reading, your bill will be established on the basis of the meter reading of the distribution network operator (GRDF) for gas and Enedis for electricity.
If you are already an IBERDROLA customer, your move can be easily organised by logging in to your customer area. You will need to provide the following information.
For your old home:
   -   Your meter readings (GAS and/or ELEC)
   -   The exact move-out date

For the new home:
   -   The exact address
   -   The exact move-in date

And if possible:
   -   The metering and estimation point (PCE) and/or the delivery point (PDL) or an energy bill for the property
   -   The meter numbers
   -   The name of the former occupant
To ensure everything is ready by the time you move in, allow 5 to 10 days before your departure.
It usually takes between 5 and 10 working days.
Activation fees are charged by the distribution network operator (GRDF for gas or Enedis for electricity), at fixed rates depending on the service. These charges are applied by all energy suppliers for a standard activation.

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There are several possible scenarios:

Scenario · 1: The power is cut off at your new home and you know this before you move in:
   -   You need to take out a new electricity contract to reactivate the cut-off line, ideally within 5 to 10 days before you move in.
   -   Send the information required to take out a new contract (full address, meter reading and name of the previous occupant).

Scenario · 2: The power is cut off at your new home and you have just moved in :
   -   A new energy contract should be taken out without delay. A period of 5 working days is required for the energy supply in your new home to be activated.

Scenario · 3: the energy is cut off at your new home and you have already taken out a new contract:
   -   Contact your advisor at (IBERDROLA number) or via the application.
For a new home, before you ask your supplier(s) to activate the supply, you must ensure that you have the certificates of conformity for your internal installations (one for electricity and one for natural gas). These certificates of conformity must be presented on the day the installation is activated.
         → These certificates are given to you either by the professionals who carried out the internal electrical and natural gas installation work, or by the property developer, if they supervised the work.

If you are moving into a new single-family home (house), you must check with the developer that the connection to the electricity and gas networks has been made.
         → It should be noted that connection work may take some time and it may also take time to obtain the certificates of conformity for the internal installations. The connection request can be made either to a supplier or to the distribution network operator.

If you are moving into a new apartment, look for (or ask the property developer for) the references of the apartment or of the meters related to that apartment. These references will be requested by the electricity and/or gas supplier(s).

IN ALL CASES, at least 15 days before you move in, contact the electricity/gas supplier of your choice to take out a contract.
When you take out a new energy contract, you choose an electrical power that corresponds to the capacity of your meter to cope with the use of your appliances in general and at the same time.
You must therefore choose carefully to avoid:
   -   An estimate that is too high, which will mean you will pay for more than you use
   -   An estimate that is too low, which will cause the meter to trip in the event of over-consumption

To make the right choice, you need to contact your/our customer service. One of our advisers will make an estimate that is as accurate as possible based on several factors such as the heating energy, the surface area of your home, the insulation, the number and power of your household appliances, etc.
If you are already an IBERDROLA customer, you can access your billing history directly from your customer area.
If you receive a single bill following your termination, this is the last bill for the energy you used in your old home. This bill is usually issued 15 days after the termination of the contract.

However, if you receive several bills from your former home following the termination of your contract, please contact your advisor to ensure that your request is handled correctly.

(1) Fixed price for 3 years: the IBERDROLA price EXCLUDING TAXES (subscription and energy price) is fixed for 3 years from the first day of supply (excluding changes in transmission set by CRE) and is independent of changes in the regulated tariff.
(2) 100% green electricity from France: For each kWh of energy consumed by its customers, IBERDROLA purchases and injects 1 kWh of certified renewable electricity into the electricity network via Guarantees of Origin. These guarantees of origin come from wind (50%) and solar (50%) production facilities, and are located in France (Since the 1st of July 2021). The carbon content of electricity from production facilities that have issued these guarantees of origin is 15.6gCO2eq / kWh for wind and 55gCO2eq / kWh for solar (calculated with Ademe factors). 
(3) For each tone of CO2 emitted by its customers' natural gas consumption, Iberdrola undertakes to purchase carbon credits to finance environmental protection projects.