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Heating accounts for around 80% of the energy expenses of a home, whether it is old or new! It is essential to control your consumption to avoid seeing your bill suddenly shoot up. To do that, you can easily apply these tips :

Regulate the temperature !

The temperature in any room that is occupied during the day should not be more than 21░C. At night, and in rooms that are not frequently used, 17░C is the ideal temperature, so that you will sleep well and not waste money. Each degree less is a 7% saving on energy !

Close things up !

Seal the gaps ! Remember to close your shutters or draw the curtains when night falls, to avoid heat being lost. In this way, you can save up to 2% on your heating bill.


Remember to ventilate your home for 10 minutes every morning, even in winter: that makes it less humid and also lessens the need to turn up the heating. It?s also essential for making the ambient air healthier.