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The kitchen


Turn off the oven before the end: Turn off the oven and leave your dish to finish baking for the last 5 to 10 minutes. In this way, you will use the latent heat to finish cooking the dish without using any more energy.

Cover saucepans while cooking to avoid spills and reduce the cooking time by 4x.

Use a kettle: To boil water, use a kettle rather than a saucepan and you will cut the time and the energy needed in half.


Regulate the temperature: Keep your refrigerator at +4║ to +5║ C and your freezer at around -18░C. Avoid opening the door very often or for very long to limit the amount of heat entering.

Leave dishes to cool before putting them in the fridge and stop it using power to remain at its normal temperature.

Cover leftovers: in the refrigerator keep leftovers in closed boxes rather than on uncovered plates, which will increase condensation.

Defrost your refrigerator and freezer regularly: The maximum thickness of frost should be 3mm; after this a freezer uses 30% more electricity.