IBERDROLA identity fraud warning

It has come to our attention that criminals claiming to be working for IBERDROLA have been contacting customers by phone or using fake email addresses, which are in no way official IBERDROLA addresses.

The way in which these people operate is constantly changing but their aim is always to obtain one or more bank transfers from the companies or private individuals targeted.
In this particular case, the criminals are offering fake participatory financing agreements and fake renewable energy investments in Spain, claiming to be from our company IBERDROLA ENERGIE France.

These offers of participatory financing agreements or energy investments require the individual or professional to pay in advance sums generally amounting to several thousands of euros.

These email or phone requests in no way come from us.
We therefore advise you to be extremely vigilant if contacted by these ill-intentioned individuals that both request the payment of funds before entering into an agreement and indicate that IBERDROLA ENERGIE France would be party to the agreement.

If you are the victim of fraud, please report it directly to the police. You can also contact the relevant public authorities for advice on what steps you can take.

If you receive any unusual communication or inappropriate requests involving our name


Contact IBERDROLA customer services