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If you are looking to combine stability and renewable energy, with IBERZEN you can take advantage of green electricity(1) at a price that is locked in for 2 years.

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The price of the subscription and kWh locked in for 2 years(2)

By taking out a subscription today, you benefit from a fixed price excluding taxes on the subscription and the kWh for 2 years(2) to protect yourself from any increase in the energy market. Simplify your daily life with direct debit and go paperless with electronic invoicing.

(2) Fixed price for 2 years: the IBERDROLA price EXCLUDING TAXES (subscription and energy price) is fixed for 2 years from the first day of supply (excluding changes in transmission set by CRE) and is independent of changes in the regulated tariff.

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Sign up over the phone in a few minutes and we will make all the necessary arrangements with your former supplier.
No risk of being cut off, IBERDROLA takes care of all your supplier changeover procedures.
IBERDROLA takes care of terminating your contract with your previous supplier.
Nothing changes: same meter, same manager, same treatment in case of failure. The real changes for you are the savings you make on your energy bill, and your contribution to a greener planet.
There is no long-term commitment with our offers. However, since December 2019, following the Council of State?s decision concerning the discontinuation of regulated sales tariffs offers, customers with market offers can no longer return to regulated sales tariffs for gas.

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