Personalised electricity and natural gas offers for industries and SME/SMI

A simple supply offer, adapted and personalisedIberdrola is committed to getting you a simple and clear offer for contracting. To do so, a reactive marketing team is fully ready to address any questions and concerns that you may have.

For very large consumers, Iberdrola can prepare proposals of highly structured products with a view to fully satisfying your needs.

Unique fixed pricing

With a view to protecting you against price volatility, Iberdrola can provide you with a unique fixed price for the full duration of your contract (from 12 to 36 months).

Free comparative study

With the suppression of regulated sales tariffs, we can recommend the best time to switch your tariff and thus maximise savings. You can also view the level of these savings on the basis of our free comparative study.


Green energy

Do you want to sign up for a 100% green energy offer? We include this option to all of our offers.

Unique liaison

On acceptance of the offer, a unique liaison will be assigned to accompany you throughout your entire contractual relationship.